Be a Stonyfield Food Superhero!

Whether you hear a thank you or not, you are your child's superhero because of the little things you do everyday. Remember the favorite toy you repaired with glue or tape even though you thought it was time to toss it?  Staying up late to finish laundering their favorite outfit for school? The patience you mustered up even though their antics were driving know?

Taking the time to help kids make healthful food choices is a superhero feat in itself. We're all so busy, sometimes overbooked with activities, and we end up sometimes eating on the go.  Every time you offer kids carrot sticks or organic apple slices or whole grains instead of cookies, it matters.  Every time you help kids feel good about fueling their bodies with real food, you are a superhero. Even choosing organic yogurt over less wholesome alternatives is a way to make convenience food fit a healthy lifestyle.

Flour Sack Mama made a Pinterest board about ways we try to be Stonyfield Food Superheroes, from snacking on yogurt to picking fresh blackberries. We want to know our food, whether we grow it in our organic garden or buy it at the supermarket.  You can be a superhero too and enter Stonyfield's contest for a chance to win a gift card to Whole Foods.

Go forth, busy moms, dads and your arsenal of healthy snack foods and fight the summer slump with Food Superhero power!