Crowdfunding Opportunity to Help Build Farm Shop

Forget Farmville.  Here's your chance to be a virtual farmer and make a difference in the real world.  A family farm in Maine needs your help to improve working conditions.  It's using the popular Indiegogo Crowdfunding Project to accomplish its goal of building a modest machine shed where resourceful do-it-themselves mechanics can repair their farm equipment.
Photo Courtesty:  Wood Prairie Farm in Northern Maine
"We've been shade tree mechanics for 35 years, having to work outside," explained Maine potato farmer Jim Gerritson.  Now that his sons, Peter and Caleb are taking on key duties in keeping older equipment running, a shelter would be ideal for the tedious tasks like welding that farmers often do.  "The shop will help us get our work done," said Caleb, who'll be studying diesel hydraulic mechanics this fall at Northern Maine Community College while still helping out on the farm.

I spoke with Jim recently while heavy rains were relentlessly soaking the fields. He told me, "We want to build a shop so they have a safe place to do repairs." The funding effort is only to cover the cost of materials, while the family plans on constructing the shop themselves.

Jim and wife Megan Gerritson have raised their four children while running Wood Prairie Farm in Northern Maine.  They're known for preserving heirloom foods, grown to organic standards. The Gerritsons sell organic seed potatoes to other farmers and gardeners around the country. Jim has also volunteered countless time as President of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, which works to defend small farmers' right to grow food without threat from genetically modified contamination.

You can learn more about the crowdfunding project here.