Bartering for School Clothes

Shopping the Boutique Section at Doodlebugs
My oldest daughter is spending her summer reading the Little House on the Prairie series of books I'd saved from my childhood. She's learning about the simple life that Laura Ingles and her family lived, which involved bartering with eggs at the general store for whatever their family needed.

Do you barter these days?  We don't have eggs to trade.  But we do swap nicer toys and clothes the kids have outgrown for store credit at the local children's boutique and consignment shop.

The kids took an active part in choosing a large tool bench to trade in recently, and they learned some responsibility for helping scrub it clean.  They also willingly gave up some of their outgrown Stride Rite shoes and raincoats.  Plus, we found a few other baby items that needed a new home.
Scrubbing the Tool Bench before Trading

The delayed gratification comes in a couple of weeks when the kids will get to shop for a school outfit with their store credit.  In the meantime, they've used some store credit to purchase brand new, boutique-style skirts for friends' birthday gifts.

In this land of plenty where most of us feel we're just getting by, it's refreshing that more locally owned stores are filling real needs for consumers, like the ability to barter. We're glad we found such a sweet shop like Doodlebugs right here in East Tennessee.  Chances are, you have a similar shop in your hometown.  Happy bartering!