Book Review and Giveaway: Go Green, Save Green

What if you could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year by making a few simple changes?  Would you try them?  Author Nancy Sleeth put together a comprehensive book loaded with money-saving ideas, some of them common sense and some a bit more challenging.

Go Green, Save Green helps all of us start at home with small steps toward saving money and energy.  It suggests that if we adjusted our thermostat by as little as three degrees, we might save $200 per year, if we washed delicate clothes by hand instead of sending them to the dry cleaners, we might save another $150, and if we drank tap water instead of bottled water, a whopping $250.  It seems that those little habits really do add up to big savings.

I admit to feeling a little awkward about some changes the book suggests.  Saving money by foregoing a freshly cut Christmas tree?  Sorry, but that's too important to the family tradition.  I wonder what my macho, lawn tractor-driving husband would think of the idea to share large purchase like lawn mowers with one or two neighbors?  It does challenge our independent sensibilities about pride in ownership.  But Sleeth makes some valid points.  How many of us rack up expensive purchases like lawn mowers or ladders, only to use items one day per week or less?  Here's another idea sure to ruffle some feathers:  cancel your cable tv service.  I happen to agree with Sleeth on that one, happy that the cable company did us  a favor by refusing to run a line to our house years ago.  

Go Green, Save Green doesn't stop at home.  It gives suggestions for saving at church, school and elsewhere in your community.  An avid baker, Sleeth includes a bread machine recipe that I need to try, plus other wholesome, low-cost alternatives to expensive restaurant fare.  For people of faith, she  offers all sorts of ways to make the sabbath more meaningful while being both frugal and green.

This practical and inspirational book was provided by the Christian group called Lindquist Environmental Appalachian Fellowship.  So, in keeping with LEAF's inspiration to use their materials and pass them on, we're giving away one copy of Go Green, Save Green.  The book is full of common sense approaches to simpler living, plus a few that might surprise you.  Congrats to Tana S. for winning a free copy of the book.