Meet Team Peach Mango!

It's so exciting to be a part of  the Stonyfield Oikos Frozen Yogurt Decathlon!  The event pits new flavors Peach Mango versus Superfruits in ten events over a month's time, starting July 26th.  I'm one of the bloggers competing for prizes that include frozen yogurt to share with you!

If you've met me, you might ask, "Anne, are you really in a're always saying you can't find enough time to work out, and you might want to pick up the pace on that mile?"  You'd be right.  I'm still working to improve on that 10-12 minute mile (don't laugh, at least I'm trying), and no, I'm not actually competing in all of the decathlon events.  Maybe you figured out from the cartoon characters that this is a virtual decathlon.  But being a Crowd Leader, cheering for Peach Mango, is an inspiration to keep working on real-life personal fitness efforts.

I'd like to introduce you to the other Crowd Leaders for the Peach Mango team:

Naomi at Superdumb Supervillain is all kinds of cool!  She's been a writer, designer and head of an indie record label.  She's probably so cool that she might not approve of my old-school use of the word cool and would probably use another adjective in its place.  Naomi inspires me by regularly hitting the gym.

Lora the Crazy Running Girl lives near NYC and runs marathons!  She describes herself as 20-something, has an adorable fiance, and is part of a very supportive running community.  I don't even have to use the word cool to describe Lora, because she runs marathons.  Enough said.

Katie at Wish & Whimsy has an amazing weight loss and fitness story that she shares with her readers.  I'm impressed by her commitment to her workouts and to her creatively structured, healthy diet.  Katie reminds me to make good choices and take control of my food.

Megan shares all sorts of great ideas in The Runner's Kitchen.  Another marathon runner!  Megan has studied the culinary arts in Italy and New York, looking for ways to make real food part of a fit lifestyle.

Ratna at Get Clued In says "I'm no Superwoman, I just try to play one in real life." The rest of us moms can relate to Ratna's efforts at balancing parenting, career, fitness and everything else that life throws our way.

Tracey at Don't Mess with Mama makes it all look so easy...balancing fitness, personal time, parenting, and a part-time career.  Tracey helps inform other moms about important issues of the day, while keeping life fun and fit!

Alicia at Learning to Live shares my passion for ice cream and is a self-proclaimed foodie.  Alicia candidly shares her efforts at healthy eating and fitness. Thankfully, Oikos Frozen Yogurt gives us a guilt-free choice on our weight loss journeys.  And I agree with Alicia that running intervals is a very good thing.

Reading Jenna's blog A Fit Girl's Martini has become my new substitute for the personal trainer I can't afford.  Turn's out, Jenna is a real-life personal trainer, and her posts help unravel the mysteries of why some of us merely go to the gym while others get something accomplished.  Thanks, Jenna, for the extra push I need right now.

Sarah, the Blonde Bostonian is training for a half-marathon, clocking some respectable times!  This 20-something still has enough common sense to eat real food, while going for the best nutrition possible.

Naomi, Lora, Katie, Megan, Ratna, Tracey, Alicia, Jenna and Sarah:  GO TEAM PEACH MANGO!

And for readers interested in being part of a winning for details of the Stonyfield Oikos Frozen Yogurt Decathlon on all our blogs, starting Thursday.  Please mark your calendars for August 13-15, when Flour Sack Mama will be the team leader for Peach Mango.  If enough of you help me out by voting for Peach Mango during my event, maybe we'll win some fabulous organic frozen yogurt to share, in moderation, after a workout, of course!