Mommy's Decathlon Challenge

Bloggers who run marathons, dish up fantastic food and share their creativity are inspiring my family as we train for our Crowd Leader spot in the Frozen Oikos Decathlon.  We're pumped up about being chosen to participate in this world-class event hosted by Stonyfield Organic.  Thanks to Stonyfield for the free sample coupons so we can get a taste of the latest new flavors.

Stonyfield asked bloggers how Frozen Oikos fits with efforts for a healthy lifestyle. For starters, knowing that only the most wholesome ingredients go into Stonyfield's products make them mom-approved at our house -- something we can feel good about serving the kids in moderation.  

Same goes for Mom:  if I'm going to spend so much effort counting my calories I might as well make the those in the occasional treat worthwhile.  This contest comes at an ideal time when making more consistent fitness time for myself has become a top priority.  While I may not be running a marathon, every mile counts on the way toward a healthier lifestyle. is going to need your help cheering on our favorite Oikos athlete in a few weeks.  If you help with our team effort, you increase the chances that we'll have more goodies like Frozen Oikos to share with some of you.  Hope you'll check back soon to find out more about the Frozen Oikos Decathlon.