More Tennessee Moms Ask Senator Alexander to Support Safe Chemicals Act

Tennessee Moms include Green Momma Party in Moms' Night Out and
Support Safe Chemicals Act

More Tennessee moms are calling, emailing, writing letters and telling their friends about the Safe Chemicals Act.  They're using the power of everything from social media to Bible study groups to connect on this nonpartisan issue.  On the eve of the US Senate's committee vote that could let the common sense measure see the light of day and get discussed on the wider Senate floor, more Tennessee moms are speaking up.

Like I have at gatherings many times before, I asked several moms at a moms' night out dinner what the best argument, what any argument, would be against this measure.  I wanted to know if I was somehow missing a point that another parent might know, if the Safe Chemicals Act was possibly too extreme.  Once again, I can't find find any parent without concerns about toxic chemicals in our everyday consumer products.  Although other moms come from a wide variety of backgrounds and parenting styles, they all share some level of concern.  Some  have already been educating themselves about the health topics in the new report by Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, while some simply think accurate labeling would give parents choices at the store.  I've been impressed by the consistent, level headed, real sense of urgency that parents seem to share on this topic -- a unanimous grassroots show of support for the Safe Chemicals Act. 

Whether you live in Tennessee and want to urge Senator Alexander to vote Wednesday to support a nonpartisan version of the Safe Chemicals Act, or whether you live in another state, you can take action here with an email.  If you'd like to host a Green Momma Party with cleaning recipes and other educational materials from Women's Voices for the Earth, you can check out this Safer Chemicals member site here