Olympics Inspire Virtual Decathlon

Not content to be a couch potato, you'll be keeping up your fitness routine even while watching the Olympic games, right?  Here's hoping we'll all find the inspiration we need to keep moving toward our personal best.  I'm inspired by all of the other bloggers in Stonyfield Organic's Frozen Oikos Decathlon.  Seeing that many are marathon runners, I'm inspired to keep increasing my mileage and getting more consistent about working out.

We all know that what we eat matters just as much as the exercise.  While we're teaching our children good nutrition habits, it's easy to neglect ourselves.  Keeping close watch on what we eat doesn't necessarily mean avoiding every special treat, does it?  Stonyfield Organic Frozen Oikos offers 100 calories and zero fat per serving, better than many alternatives.  Thanks to Stonyfield for letting our family sample this frozen treat.

FlourSackMama.com is cheering for new Frozen Oikos flavor Peach Mango, which started the first of the ten decathlon events online this week.  The first time you vote, you get a coupon to use at the store.  Then every additional day that you vote, you add an entry toward winning prizes.  I'm serving as Crowd Leader August 13-15 for the javelin throw, which means I could especially use your vote at that time to help Peach Mango win.  Just like a real live track and field challenge, each event stands on its own.  While you can help yourself and my Peach Mango blogging colleagues by voting this week, I'll still be asking for your help later in August.

In the coming days I'll have updates on Peach Mango's training for the javelin throw event!

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