Picking Pole Beans and Cherry Tomatoes

Picking Lazy Wife Greasy Pole Beans
Fresh-picked from the garden makes for a simple and easy mealtime experience. My youngest has proven you don't even have to be as tall as the bean stalks to help out.  

We've been enjoying fresh-picked, steamed green beans that take less than a half-hour of total preparation.  These Lazy Wife Greasy Pole Beans are good enough to eat plain, though I admit to adding a little salt and organic butter on occasion.  

Steamed Pole Beans with a Touch of Organic Butter

Organic Cherry Sweetie Tomatoes are easy for the kids to help pick. More of them are ripening quickly now.  We're thankful for Sow True Seed providing the seeds for our garden, and we give thanks at every meal that the Creator saw fit to let them grow.  

Cherry Sweetie Tomatoes from Sow True Seed

If your garden is looking good and you've been growing open pollinated plants from Sow True Seed, you might want to check out their garden photography contest here.