Proud Heirloom Tomato Picking

I had promised Organic Cherry Sweetie tomatoes for dinner at my neighbor's house, knowing they'd look pretty.

To my surprise during picking, I also found my first, perfect Cherokee purple heirloom tomato, free of blossom rot.  I was so proud, I presented the tomato, intact, as a gift to my dinner hostess.  

I love how the coloring varies from lightly green to purple to rosy red on these heirlooms from North Carolina.  
Here's hoping we're in the clear now and having a long summer with more beautiful tomatoes. After this experiment of trying the heirlooms thanks to Sow True Seed, I think Organic Cherokee Purple will also be a regular in our garden.

I was reminded to get out and check on things more often when I discovered the 14-inch Black Beauty Zucchini that seemed to have grown overnight!