Clean Couponing Freebies!

Free yogurt and moderately wholesome cookies: what a great reward for clean couponing! Thanks to Stonyfield Organic for sending our family some free yogurt from time to time. We've been saving those lids, including many more from containers we've bought ourselves, and entered the codes via the Stonyfield Rewards program.  (Look for their tab on the right with the cute little cow on it.)

We received a coupon for a FREE package of four Stonyfield Organic Activia or 0% Fat Organic Yogurt, plus we got another coupon for a FREE box of Bear Naked cookies.  As a label-reading parent, I appreciate seeing ingredients like whole grain oats on the label, along with none of the preservatives or artificial ingredients I worry about.  The only thing better would have been the term "no GMOs" on the box.  I was disappointed to find out, when I called the Bear Naked customer service line, that the product possibly contains GMO soy lecithin.

Unlike extreme couponing's focus on cost alone, clean couponing looks at value by starting with what's in products and what we value for our families. That means I'm often happy with paying, in moderation, for thoughtful food choices like those with only real food ingredients. In this case, I'll take the clean couponing reward and enjoy these items for FREE!

What's been your best "clean couponing" experience?  Let us know at and we might feature you here next time!