Comfy Quilts and Green Gardens

Wonder what Great-Grandma Maude would think of my showing off her handiwork this way?  When my friend, Melissa, offered to help with photography around the family garden, I was inspired to bring out my favorite quilts.
Photo Courtesy:  Melissa Peplow
I've shared with you before about this variety of the tree of life quilt, all hand-stitched and folded up for years in  family cedar chests.  Maybe your family tucked one away, too.  I never quite got it photographed in the right light to do it justice.  I thought Melissa did a thoughtful job of including it on this August morning.  So, it may turn out that this is my favorite photo of all. 

This week at we'll be discussing food choices, clean couponing, and how co-ops are strengthening communities.  Saturday, check out the guest photo essay from our little family garden.