Family Frozen Yogurt Time

Raspberry, pomegranate and acai punch the flavor of new Oikos Super Fruits frozen yogurt from Stonyfield Organic.  Peach and mango make for a sweet tasting frozen treat, too, aptly called Peach Mango.  Our entire family delighted in trying both new flavors out this summer from the good folks at Stonyfield.

Made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients, the Stonyfield Oikos product includes more protein than typical frozen yogurt and zero fat.  While there is some organic sugar, I'm relieved as a mom to not worry about high fructose corn syrup, GM ingredients or anything artificial in a treat like this.  As an average-sized  woman continually working on fitness goals, it's nice to know that a reasonable serving, about one scoop, contains only 110 calories.

I have to admit I couldn't fool my kids into thinking this was exactly the same as ice cream.  There's a reason for the word "cream" in the name, isn't there?  While the nonfat milk in this product left it not quite as creamy in texture, it still delivered on taste.  I appreciated the real chunks of fruit in the Peach Mango flavor, sort of a throwback to old fashioned peaches and cream.

You can get one coupon to use toward the purchase of Frozen Oikos at a store near you, by participating  in the Frozen Oikos Decathlon that's going on now. The event runs through August 24, and each day that you vote gives you another chance to win the grand prize:  loads of cool gear from Patagonia plus a year's worth of frozen yogurt.  Your coupon is good at the store for any flavor you want to try...but please vote for Peach Mango. is the crowd leader for Peach Mango during the javelin event over the next three days: August 13-15. If you help Peach Mango win that event, we'll have free Frozen Oikos coupons to share.  Thanks to Stonyfield for the free samples for our family and the chance to win prizes.