Fitness Inspiration from Track and Field Athletes

Masters Pentathlon Record
Holder Roger Koodsma
So, maybe javeline throwing isn't the lifelong sport for me that fits some athletic lifestyles.  But it's been fun cheering for Peach Mango to win the javelin event in the Stonyfield Frozen Oikos Decathlon.  Congrats to the women who've medaled in the Olympics, proving we really can do anything when we set our minds to it. They've inspired me, although I'll be sticking to jogging for now.  

The two serious javelin throwers I recently met shared tips and inspiration to help me and many other busy moms.  College athlete Lucas Hadden was realistic, "You want to set goals, but not so high that they're unattainable."  Stretching is, of course, important, and weight-bearing exercises can be helpful.  Hadden clearly enjoys coaching, "Show up every day and give 100%, whether you walk a mile or run three miles; give it the best you have that day."

Masters track and field athlete Roger Koodsma is focused on short, intense workouts scattered throughout his week.  He recommends the rest of us devote frequent times for exercise.  Plus, he's very careful about what he eats, with a diet laden with fruits and vegetables.

This is the last day of voting for Peach Mango in the javelin event of the Decathlon. Even if you've already obtained your coupon for the new flavors of frozen yogurt, voting each day adds another chance at winning the grand prize, with more info. here.  Please help Peach Mango win the javelin event, so can receive more Stonyfield Oikos frozen yogurt coupons to share.  Thanks to Stonyfield for helping provide a wholesome, organic treat for my family.  Thanks to all of the other YoGetter bloggers who've been encouraging a fit lifestyle.