NewGreens Superfood Drink Review and Giveaway

My friend Tracey at Don't Mess with Mama asked me to try a sample of NewGreens Organic, A Complete Superfood Drink.  She's one of those clever moms who makes parenting and blogging look easy.  So, I thought I'd give it a try, especially if a cool mom like Tracey would try it.

It's the real deal, with the USDA Organic seal on the package and too many real-food ingredients to mention.  They're everything from organic cranberry fruit powder to organic asparagus root powder to organic licorice root powder, just to name a few.  The special blend is designed to support general good health, like your fruits and veggies should.  It packs an amazing 20+ servings of fruits and vegetables per scoop!

I really liked the mild hint-of-mint and hint-of-chocolate flavor that I detected.  It's smooth enough that I could drink it straight with water, at only 35 filling calories.  It was too sweet when I tried it in cranberry juice (too much extra sugar that way anyhow), but it seemed perfect when I blended it with milk and crushed ice.  The package suggests rice, almond or soy milk, although I mixed it with the dairy we had in the fridge.

The only sweetness seemed to be from the natural fruit powders and stevia leaf extract in the drink mix, with no artificial sweeteners.  I could see myself having this alone or with just a bite of some other food on a busy morning.  I've tried that a couple of times, and it is very, very  filling.  This is clearly not your average supplement drink -- it's something special.

Thanks to Pure Prescriptions and Don't Mess with Mama for sending my very own 30-day-supply of NewGreens Organic.  As a mom, I have to promote my children eating their fruits and veggies everyday.  But I have to admit this looks like a wholesome supplement.  I hope you'll check with your doctor about your own healthy lifestyle and dietary needs; if you're needing a supplement, give this one a try.

The Pure Prescriptions website tells an interesting story about the family who founded the company more than a decade ago.  Suffice it to say they were inspired, and you will be too when you see their level of commitment to promoting wellness.  The Pure Prescriptions family wants to give one of Flour Sack Mama's readers a free 30-day-supply of NewGreens Original or Berry, so here's the Rafflecopter Giveaway below:

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