Small Garden Seed Saving

Have you ever saved seeds from your garden to replant the next year?  If you haven't saved beans, they're an easy vegetable to start with.  Agriculture Director Anne Hillson at Sow True Seed says you can just leave the bean pods on the vine to dry, then make sure the beans you take out are completely dry before enclosing them in a moisture-proof bag in a root cellar or freezer.

When you eat winter squash from your garden, you can easily scoop out and save those seeds.  Hillson said to clean the pulp off the squash seeds before drying them.

Do you know correct seed saving etiquette for tomatoes?  Here's an extension service explanation about properly fermenting and preparing tomato seeds for future use.

Here are more details about saving seeds from Sow True Seed, which provided the seeds for our family garden this year.