Why Reuse a Cup?

Bottle brushes are standard kitchen tools at our house, because of our wide assortment of cups and canteens that go from house-to-car and back again each day.  I recently saw a clear reminder of why all of this dish washing matters. Every time we plan the day from home with our canteens of water and my iced tea, we're not only saving money, we're saving the future for our kids.

The cool graphic here offers several ways to look at the savings of not wasting a paper cup. Can you believe 25 billion of them were thrown away last year? Some restaurants even accommodate reusable cups now.

Click image to see a larger version Why Reuse a Cup? Why Reuse a Cup? via Reusable Bags - Factory Direct Promos

Then of course, there's the other pet peeve in our convenience-centered drink world:  polystyrene cups.  Scientists have been cautioning about them for years. Now, our own government placed the substance on its list of things "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen."  Despite our best efforts to avoid them, we keep amassing a bag of polystyrene containers for delivery to a regional recycling center.  I'm not proud of giving in and buying iced tea in a wasteful cup, but I'm at least determined to keep polystyrene out of the landfill.  That bulky recycling bag is another reminder to reuse a cup or cantene, next time.