Clean Couponing Zucchini

How would you like a coupon that gives you 85% off your favorite grocery store item, costing you just 15-cents on the dollar?  Sometimes it's there just for the asking.

I needed some squash for baking and didn't want to pull all of my frozen summer squash from the freezer. So, I spotted some zucchini in the organic section of the local grocery store.  The few sad specimens remaining in the bin looked a bit blemished and not entirely fresh.  Yet they were priced at $3.39 per pound.

I politely asked the produce manager on duty if she could do any better on price, considering the condition.  Without hesitation she said those zucchini were destined for a 99-cent clearance bag.

I ended up with a generous two pounds of organic squash that should have totaled $6.78, for less than 15% of their original price.  Clean couponing in this case didn't require clipping a coupon at all.  It just required an eye for good produce and the willingness to ask a question.