Garlic Shopping and Planting

The perfect Saturday morning for visiting the farmers' market brought me upon the most gorgeous baskets of garlic bulbs!

I starting picking out my favorites that were not too spicy, yet flavorful enough for keeping and cooking.  The farmer explained that I could store my purchase in a crock or even a brown paper bag in my pantry to keep it fresh and dry.  He cautioned me to not store garlic in the refrigerator.  My grandmother cooked often with garlic and I love to, as well.

I wondered how easily I could grow my own garlic at home.  So, I was appreciative for the advice that I could break up a single bulb into its various cloves, space them about 6 inches apart, then plant them.  The pointed end goes up, while the slightly larger end contains the garlic roots.  My Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening tells me to plant the cloves 1 to 2 inches deep.  I'll need to mulch around the plants for the winter.

I'm so excited about the prospect of growing our own garlic to harvest next spring!