More Garden Goodies

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes Growing in September
Talk about abundance!  The heirloom tomatoes are lazily drooping over the garden fence these days, with bunches of the cherry tomatoes and even these Cherokee Purples hanging like bunches of grapes. The heirloom seed reps probably wish I didn't even show this to you, because the truth is that a garden takes work to keep tidy.  Ours is not tidy, but it's growing in spite of us!

I've resorted now to bribing the children with cash to entice them to pick the cherry tomatoes that ripen faster than we can keep up.  I envision a time soon when we'll have a Southern fried green tomato dinner to be sure we can use the last of our harvest.

The lettuce bed (thanks to that extra packet of salad mix I bought) is still producing, along with some spinach gifted from Sow True Seed that we finally planted late in the summer.  Not sure if we can go back to store-bought salad after being spoiled all spring and summer with fresh, organic greens from the garden.
Organically Grown Spinach plus Mixed Salad Greens
We'll be watching winter squash and pumpkins try to grow their way into October.
Winter Squash Seedling