Sewing Support for the HMNRaising Auction

I was honored that my handcrafted donation has been accepted for the Holistic Moms Network Raising Auction coming up in early October! Stitching creations at home is often a labor of love for volunteers helping with good causes of all kinds, and you are my inspiration.  

I chose to contribute a pair of projects to HMN because it's the kind of informational network that I wish my mother would have had available.  I wish I'd known about it earlier myself, before I started navigating the maze of choices, consumer information (or lack thereof), and wellness challenges that parenting entails.  I appreciate that HMN supports healthy practices, handed down through the generations, like breastfeeding our babies.  I also appreciate that it's a kind community that respects each family's diverse parenting choices.  

The HMNRaising Auction supports the mission of helping moms year-around. The HMN website states, "The mission of HMN is to generate awareness, education, and support for holistic parenting and green living by providing nurturing, open-minded, and respectful local community networks nationwide that encourage families to share these ideals and learn from each other."

Parent and auction director Marta Lewis shared, "From the beginning (2002), our purpose has been to provide support, education and discussion networks for parents who take a natural/holistic approach to parenting and health.  This is what our volunteer-run organization focuses on and promotes every day.  We provide starting chapters with comprehensive start-up material and we support and mentor our 120+ chapters every step of the way in building community in their locales.  In addition to monthly meetings, we offer multiple virtual forums (a national forum just for members, local online forums, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube) for parents to connect.  This is a big part of why I joined, for the connection and opportunity to meet with like-minded parents, and it works!"  

As for my handcrafted donation:  I was drawn to the garden harvest print that inspired the multi-pocketed tote, as well as to the elegant rose design on the apron print.  I can't resist adding trim detailing.  I hope these items will bring someone a smile, while supporting a network that supports moms.

Check out the HMN website for details about the online auction that runs October 6 - 20.  The auction runs in conjunction with the group's annual Natural Living Conference and Holistic Living Month.  It looks like a wide variety of high quality items, from non-toxic skin care products to some of your kids' favorite music!