Team ENERGY STAR Essay Contest

Aren't we lucky to have green spaces for our children to explore and appreciate? When I gave my elementary-aged kid a chance to enter the Team ENERGY STAR essay contest, explaining that the focus was saving energy, she gravitated, on her own, to telling how much she loves trees. Sure, she learned the connection from the story of the Lorax.  But I think she gets it, on a deeper level, because she plays outdoors.

It was fun discovering the family friendly activities this summer from the Team ENERGY STAR website.  Printable coloring pages and games, plus genuine Lorax mustache craft kits are available. 

Of course, the new Team ENERGY STAR initiative does a great job of tying one family's household savings into the bigger picture. Less energy used now means a brighter future for our kids and grandkids and for the place they need to call home long after the rest of us are gone.  At our house, it truly is the little things that we focus on, like better habits of turning off those light switches.  We also made sure to purchase the Energy Star model when we needed to replace our dishwasher.

Now students up to age 25 can enter an essay contest with Team ENERGY STAR explaining why saving energy is important and how they do their part.  The "essays" can be expressed through photography, drawings or other artistic efforts.  The first 100 entrants receive a free DVD of the Lorax, and the winners have the chance to win energy-saving tvs, computer monitors, phones, etc, plus get their name in lights in New York’s Times Square. The deadline to enter is September 17, with complete details for entering here.  

Please check back September 10, when Big Green Purse will be hosting a carnival of posts from many bloggers who support energy efficiency and Team ENERGY STAR.