Celebs Say You Don't Have Right to Know!

Watching for calories or fat grams?  Pick up any packaged food at the grocery store, and you get that.  Have a child with a peanut allergy?  The ingredients list is there for you.  But want to know whether the foods in your breakfast cereal had their genetic makeup redesigned in a laboratory to include parts that might not even be plants?  Millions and millions of advertising dollars are being spent right now to prevent you from seeing that on the label.  

This is a serious issue, no doubt.  But several celebrities are having fun with the Prop 37 GMO labeling issue in California.  What happens there can soon affect the food supply for all the rest of us.  In case you have children in the room, you should know that Danny DeVito uses one curse word in this PSA.  While that may not be family friendly, the right to know what's in our food certainly is.