Clean Water Act Anniversary

Environmental advocates are both celebrating and sharing concerns on this 40th anniversary of the US Clean Water Act.  They say the policy has helped make some waters cleaner, while still leaving too many loopholes that allow pollution.  Advocacy groups like Waterkeeper Alliance and the Sierra Club are calling for strengthening and updating the Clean Water Act.

Examples of how public groups and private citizens can help keep water clean are on display at the Ozarks Watershed Center  in Missouri.  From saving precious rooftop runoff for gardening to building green barriers that filter pollution before it reaches streams, the center gives examples we can put into place today.

Protecting the headwaters of the Tennessee River is the goal of Tennessee Wild as it seeks federal protection for more forest lands. 

Organic farmers are especially sensitive to issues of water quality and quantity these days.

The faith community is prayerfully concerned about water quality as it relates to mountaintop preservation and stewardship.