Join Team ENERGY STAR Youth Panel

What if you could potentially save hundreds of dollars each year?  Would you be willing to change a few small habits?  Our family is giving it a try by taking the Team ENERGY STAR pledge to conserve energy in our home.

For the youngest members of our family the pledge is simple as flipping off a lightswitch when leaving a room, or not lingering in front of an opened refrigerator door while choosing a snack.  Cold water washing and some line drying cut down on energy spent laundering.  Then there are the maintenance commitments like keeping the house caulked and insulated.  And long-term ideas like looking for the ENERGY STAR label when we need to replace an appliance.  We're slowly replacing energy-wasting lightbulbs with ENERGY STAR approved bulbs designed to last much longer.

You can see easy money-saving tips here when you take the Energy Star pledge to protect your household from waste and the planet from climate change.

Kids who join Team ENERGY STAR can take advantage of free activities.

Everyone can get involved with the live Team ENERGY STAR Youth Panel scheduled for October 23rd, that can be seen on Facebook at 1:15 CDT.  You can go ahead and submit your questions on ENERGY STAR's Facebook page.

Announcement of young essay winners was exciting for our household last week.  It should be fun to share ideas and hear how other youth are accepting the ENERGY STAR challenge tomorrow!