Sweet Trick-or-Treat Choices

Oh the relief that finally other moms are telling me about alternative trick-or-treat candy without artificial colors.  That others are agreeing it might be okay to include some snacks that aren't candy at all.  That I can find candy that actually looks and tastes appealing to my kids, even though it's made from natural ingredients.  For so long I felt locally isolated on this subject of treats, as if all the other parents were keeping things festive while I was trying to spoil the fun.

Our family is headed into this trick-or-treat season with a diversified approach.  No, we don't deprive our kids.  Yes, we're gracious about whatever the friends and neighbors are offering as treats.  But the treats we're serving are more likely to be wholesome these days, in part because we've learned more about healthier alternatives and also because there's better selection.  Plus, I'm pondering a special prize my kids can redeem x number of candy pieces to win.  They'll still overindulge for at least a day or two, but hopefully this multi-faceted approach can prevent sugar and junk food overload.

Some helpful resources that have informed our family's decisions about treats are The Unhealthy Truth and Unjunk Your Junk Food.  They delve into the ingredients of concern, suggest alternatives and encourage parents.

How are you keeping sweet-filled festivities healthy or at least moderate?  We're all doing the best we can, aren't we?