Clean Couponing: Naturally Savvy Sampling

The batter bubbled in the skillet, browning to beautifully textured pancakes for breakfast.  My daughters ate some topped with their favorite peanut butter and real maple syrup.  They said they liked these pancakes.  They didn't even realize the new mix from Pamela's Products is wheat- and gluten-free.  The pancake mix was a favorite in our November basket of samples from Naturally Savvy.

Everyone in the house liked the taste of Blue Diamond Almonds' Baked Nut Chips, without necessarily knowing they're free of the ingredients that concern many parents these days.

We were happy to try a naturally freshened scent of Ecover dishwashing liquid, as well.

Free samples and Clean Couponing opportunities to save on brands that care about families and our environment are all available via Naturally  Some time is required for sampling and providing feedback through surveys.  You can apply at their website today to become a Savvy Sampler.