Confusing Messages for California Food Voters

Do you have the right to know what's in your food?  The Consumers Union, California Nurses Association and numerous consumer groups think you do.  That's why they support the broadly popular Proposition 37 ballot initiative that Californians will decide on Election Day.  It would require genetically modified or transgenic foods to be labeled at the supermarket.

Yes on Prop 37 supporters are warning of confusing and even false messages in recent political flyers and ads.  You can get the facts about the right-to-know movement at the Yes on Prop 37 website.  You can see the listed donors to the No on Prop 37 website here, many of them major chemical, biotech and grocery companies.

The movement to get GMO foods labeled is largely a grassroots movement in California, an effort to get the rights that consumers in dozens of other countries already have.  Opponents have outspent right-to-know supporters by millions of dollars.

Volunteer phone banks are continuing on Tuesday, as help is needed to get the word out to California residents.  You can RSVP here to make phone calls.

A food labeling change in California will influence what happens with food labeling and consumer rights in the rest of the country.  I support accurate food labels for US consumers so we can make informed choices for our families.