Giving Tuesday is Tomorrow!

Give a little.  Give a lot.  Give a one-time gift.  Pledge to give all year.

Give money.  Give time.  Give talent.

Giving Tuesday is a celebration of the generosity you probably already share.  Many of you have inspired me beyond measure with your beautiful stories; you know who you are.  Some of you are leading examples of faithful giving through your places of worship.  Some of you are just as faithful to causes outside church walls.

Giving Tuesday is a motivation for us to refocus from gathering goods for ourselves and our families to sharing our blessings with others.  This effort is a diverse coalition of businesses and nonprofits, of established charities and progressive new voices.  It taps into what humanity has always done best, with the updated twist of using social media as a force to amplify this good.

Please join in online and in person to celebrate a season of giving.

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