Holiday Gifts for Feeding Families

The modest gift might be a hen, that lays eggs, to help feed a family.  Or a bee hive, to help pollinate crops, to feed a community.  Sometimes a water buffalo helps work the fields in a sustainable fashion.  Families all over the globe are realizing self sufficiency through agriculture, thanks to Heifer International.

In your search for small ways to change the world this holiday season, you might want to consider what Heifer does, in big and small ways, with donations from caring people like you.  The website and magazines are treats, skillfully showcasing beautiful families in need.  Heifer doesn't do handouts.  It requires commitment, skill-building, individual initiative and strong communities.  It respects and never discourages local faith systems that are part of families' heritage.

Our family had the honor of visiting the Heifer Ranch that serves as an agricultural model and teaching facility.  While the kids got to pet kid goats, gawk at water buffalo and admire herds of sheep, they were witnessing only a small part of the global picture.

If you need more stuff this Christmas or Hannukah (or whatever you celebrate), you know where to find it.  If you need inspiration, consider a gift that will still be nurturing a family for years to come.