Nurturing: SprinkleBakes Cookbook Giveaway

My daughter meeting Heather Baird
 of SprinkleBakes
My oldest daughter and I met the charming Heather Baird at East Tennessee's Biggest Bake Sale.  Her SprinkleBakes booth was festive, sprinkled with plenty of pink and flavored with gourmet icing samples.  Baird is clearly an artist who considers food her creative palette.

"I'm in love with this medium," Baird declared with unabashed enthusiasm as we mingled with guests at the community event.  Baird already had experience with classical painting and curating.  Then she took her creativity into the kitchen.  Colors, textures and brush strokes all translated from one medium to the next.  Her confectionery designs were so pretty, that demand quickly grew for her blog and cookbook.

Courtesy:  Heather Baird
Baird let my daughter help her use balloons to make cute little chocolate bowls.  She shares details about all sorts of baking techniques in the cookbook she gifted our family.  The chapters are organized according to artistic elements, with perfectly illustrated instructions.  I'm hoping to find time in the kitchen with both of my daughters to make holiday memories while trying some of Baird's techniques.  

We're so excited that SprinkleBakes has offered a signed copy of this festive cookbook to share with one reader! We'll be starting the giveaway for the cookbook, pairing it with the little pink, cotton tote bag I've sewn for you.  Thanks for telling your friends about this giveaway here so more people have the chance to enter.  In the meantime, you'll find useful online resources today at the SprinkleBakes blog.  Here's to nurturing our families with some delicious creativity in the kitchen.

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