Baking SprinkleBakes' Gingerbread Recipe

Have you found a gingerbread recipe that mixes up into pliable dough for easy shape-making?  Heather Baird's recipe in her SprinkleBakes cookbook may be the one you need. There are a few ingredients I wouldn't normally bake with; but Baird has perfected this formula for ease of use, and it worked for my family.

We have stacks of little gingerbears that the kids can take along for dessert in school lunches.

I was proudest of being able to carve and bake panels for gingerbread houses.  We had an easy time gluing the panels of our first house together with homemade royal icing.  Then the icing dried out before we could secure the second house, so it turned into a structural disaster.

The girls each decorated their own house.  Candy that I'd been hiding from the kids since Halloween came out for architectural features.

Maybe next week we'll try baking one of the SprinkleBakes cake recipes...

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