Nashville Backyard Chicken Coop Tour

It was nearly a year ago when I had my own personal backyard coop chicken tour!  The southern women hosting the tour couldn't have been more gracious. They were also comfortably down to earth.  They care about what they feed their families, they write about socially compelling topics and they even host big-wigs.

This is your chance to tour the hidden backyard culture of Nashville's hen-keeping community in March.

Here's the course description at the University of Nashville:


Learn how to establish and care for egg-laying hens from USN families with backyard coops. Join USN parents CARRINGTON FOX, JANE HARDY and KOBIE PRETORIUS--a trio of hen-keeping tour guides--on this fascinating journey by school bus to several Nashville homes to see creative coops in all shapes and sizes. You might see Rhode Island Reds roosting in a tree house, Cuckoo Orpingtons brooding in a jungle gym, or Wyandottes nesting in wine crates. As a bonus, you'll see vegetable and fruit producing gardens, too. Please note that not all backyard coops are handicap accessible. Saturday, March 9, 2013, 1-3 PM, $35. Meet at USN"

It was big news when Nashville joined many other large US cities in allowing backyard hen keeping.  Whether you reside in the Music City or are interested in bringing the backyard hen hobby to your hometown, this tour promises something for you.