SprinkleBakes Cookbook Winner Announced

Congratulations to Joyce L. for winning our giveaway at FlourSackMama.com for the FREE SprinkleBakes cookbook signed by Heather Baird, along with our cute handcrafted tote!  Thanks to everyone who entered and shared about this giveaway.  If you'd like to see more giveaways like this or even something bigger in 2013, please share some feedback about it and tell more of your friends what Flour Sack Mama has to offer.  Thanks again to Heather for gifting my girls with their very own copy of the cookbook as well!
My youngest daughter chose Baird's eye-catching "colorful spiral cookies" recipe from the cookbook.  So, we had to try our adaptation with all-natural food coloring.  We rolled the cookie dough in all-natural sugar sprinkles.  We incorporated beet powder into the colorful section of our dough.  We definitely ended up with more of a mauve swirl than the red swirl shown in the cookbook.  As for taste, the kids gave mixed reviews on flavor (we also had a hint of peppermint flavor in the dough as suggested by the recipe, but I added too much organic beet powder which made it a bit earthy tasting), and next time I want to try the all-natural liquid red coloring instead.