Carrying on with Motherhood

My grandmother was so resourceful that, like her mother before her, she saved the fabric from old sacks of flour or other grain to use for sewing.  Mom told me that Grandma never needed a pattern, but she sure could stitch up the prettiest little dresses for her two girls.  And of course she could quilt, because she had to use what was available to make blankets, like scraps of fabric from flour sacks or even old clothes that could be cut into quilt blocks.

Now that I've experience rocking, and baking and sewing for my own babies, I hope to carry on the best of what Grandma handed down.

When I started blogging, I was inspired to draw on those life lessons that my grandmother and mother taught – not so much by what they told me, but by all of the little things they did in their daily lives.  The women who came before me had deep faith in God, were devoted wives and cared in every way for their children.  

Think back with me:  Do you remember that moment for yourself when, as a sleep-deprived parent of a young child you were fixing breakfast or cleaning up after kids, again or tackling a mountain of laundry and you suddenly realized how many times your own mother had done these things for you?  

It’s been said before, but truly nothing prepares us for parenthood, does it?