Clean Couponing: Round Up Those Yogurt Lids!

Have you been saving your organic yogurt lids for the myStonyfield Rewards program?  We save them at our house, as we spoon out those wonderful tubs of organic goodness!  Our clean lids stacked up, and it was time this week to submit the lid codes to see how many points we had.  

Turns out, we earned enough points, just by eating yogurt, to earn FREE frozen yogurt plus a FREE Nature's Path product.  We even had enough points left over to help plant a tree with American Forests!

If you have Stonyfield lids stacked somewhere in your house, the time to redeem them is now.  Stonyfield has announced that its myStonyfield Rewards program will end April 12, the last day to redeem points.  If you can still find coded products on the store shelves before that deadline, you'll know you're getting extra value.

Stonyfield says it has given away more than a half-million cups of free yogurt through myStonyfield Rewards, while participants have helped give away $17,000 in charitable donations.  The company says its popular program has simply outgrown its original intent of being able to reward the most loyal customers.

Yogurt lovers, there's still hope for getting in on other promotions.  You can still find coupons for new products like yummy Stonyfield Blends at their website.  Plus, their latest promotion called "Taste the Love" aims to give away 30 years worth of organic yogurt in celebration of 30 years of yogurt love.  Stonyfield remains a top clean couponing choice for our family.  We're excited about a new year of YoGetter sampling with Stonyfield!