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(Product review of free samples, with our own opinions, plus giveaway)

After nearly 20 years of marriage, you'd think my husband would listen to every wonderful thing I share with him.  I asked him to try this new herbal coffee in several different flavors, since he's the regular coffee drinker in our house.  The packaging is all clearly labeled.  Yet after about a week of drinking the stuff, he said, "I didn't know it wasn't real coffee." The flavor was so good, and he had to cut the amount he used in half because it was so strong, that he couldn't believe it wasn't made from typical coffee beans.

The smooth, convincing flavor of Teeccino coffee comes from wonderful ingredients like organic carob, ramon nuts, chicory, almonds and figs.  My husband's favorite coffee flavor is the mocha.  He also liked the vanilla nut flavor that came in convenient tee-bags so he could make it by the cup at work.  Replacing the coffee beans with these creative combinations means Teeccino can offer a caffeine-free, non-acidic  alternative for coffee drinkers.  Some people even mix their regular coffee with Teeccino for a gradual transition away from caffeine.  As an occasional coffee drinker, I'm very particular about taste, and I was impressed.  I still want to try some recipes at the Teechino website for cool, caffeine-free energy smoothies.

Teeccino boasts that it's America's favorite coffee alternative, and the proof is in the cup.  Since it's naturally caffeine-free, you don't have to worry about chemical processing residues.  This herbal coffee offers a natural boost of energy from the nutrients it contains, not any caffeine stimulants.  A label tells us the inulin that comes naturally from its chicory root ingredient "supports beneficial microflora that improve digestion, elimination, and intestinal health."  Teecccino says it uses non-GMO and mostly organic ingredients.  Some varieties of the coffee are labeled 75% Organic while many carry the USDA Organic seal.  

My favorite sample for the breakfast table was the new Teechia gluten-free cereal.  It's a richly textured blend of organic rolled oats, organic quinoa and chia seeds, crunchy pumpkin seeds and scrumptious dried fruits.  We tried cinnamon cranberry, and our favorite flavor was blueberry date.  The cereal lists mostly organic ingredients.  Teechia offers the convenience of instant hot cereal.  Just heat up some water and blend it with a little dry cereal from the 6- or 20-serving bag.  We added milk and a little honey for sweetness, as this cereal has no added sugar.  The best part is the combination of fruit and crunchy nuts.  I have to say I was the biggest fan of Teechia, because I loved all of the gluten-free ingredients and the natural boost of morning energy they gave me.  My husband and kids thought the texture was "mushy" and the cereal was not as sweet as some of the stuff my husband (ahem) likes to make for breakfast.  

Thanks to Teeccino and Naturally Savvy for sending our family these yummy samples and for sharing wholesome food ideas with all of us.

Teeccino was so generous with their samples, they we decided to share the one my husband didn't drink -- with one of you.  It's a dark, French roast, USDA Organic herbal coffee that inspired me to stitch a fun cotton tote to give away with it.  Please enter and share our giveaway via the Rafflecopter form below.

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