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Frosty winter mornings in an old farmhouse were always better with a hot cup of cocoa and a seat on the raised hearth in front of our family's brick fireplace.  My folks would carry in the split logs that burned to keep our home warm.  That old fireplace demanded a lot of attention, but it never let our house get cold, even when our rural area lost power.

Today's updated fireplace inserts and wood stoves offer that same sense of security, on or off the power grid.  With Environmental Protection Agency standards, they're built to be more energy efficient and keep the air cleaner, as well. They offer a practical and popular heating alternative.

Harman fireplace inserts and stoves can update your current fireplace or stand alone for energy efficient heating. Whether your style is farmhouse or townhouse, you'll find a stove that fits your home.  The first Harman Stove was first built by Dane Harman to reduce his own family's heating bills, and now Harman Stoves is a leader in the home heating industry.

Investing in a heating stove that could require around half the fuel costs of electric,oil or gas might also earn you a government tax credit.  You can check on the Harman website and with the EPA for more details.

The newest generation of Harman Pellet Stoves offers a way to avoid all of that wood chopping and splitting my folks did on the farm.  Excess materials like sawdust are being turned into biomass pellets designed to burn hot and clean in Harman Stoves.

Pellet Stoves are Awesome
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