Late Winter Garden Soil Prep

How's your gardening coming along?  If you have plans for planting in the spring, it's not too early to get some soil preparation done.  Perhaps you started that last fall by layering some natural fertilizers like manure or leaves with plans of letting them break down over several months.  We want to add manure to enrich the beds long before planting time, remembering that rabbit or poultry manure breaks down much faster than other types.

As for purchased compost, I was pleased with the results from mushroom compost we used last season and thought it was superior to a cotton compost we'd tried another time.  Since we try to grow a family garden with organic methods, and realizing that most US cotton is still grown with heavy pesticide use, I have no interest in having the byproducts of that under my vegetables.

Soils classes were the most critical part of my learning last year when I had the pleasure of attending the Organic Growers School.  Having raised beds for our little garden, we'll be further building those soils for this spring.  We'll also rotate most plantings in some way so the soil stays its healthiest and pests are less likely to set up residence.

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