Phoning for the Future of Food

If there's any truth to the old saying that "you are what you eat," then we all may already be unwittingly part of a strange experiment!  Did you know that food companies currently don't have to inform you about how they grew your food?  They don't have to disclose whether they grew it the old-fashioned way, with heirloom seeds, naturally rich soil, sun and water, or whether the food was transformed in a laboratory to become something that never would have occurred in nature.

So it a apparently is with more and more transgenic or genetically altered foods.  One of the latest is GM salmon -- the likes of which you would never find swimming in a stream.  Food Democracy Now supports small farmers who want to produce food the old fashioned way and consumers who want to eat real food.  The growing movement is asking the rest of us who might be too busy in our own kitchens to travel to the nation's capital in person to support farmers, to at least pick up the phone and help.

Here's a link to the Food Democracy Now action page where you can learn more about the effort to get public officials to listen to Americans who want a sane, wholesome food system.  If you want GM foods to be properly tested for safety before being allowed on the market, and to be labeled if they're already there, then you can add your voice today by making a single phone call.

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