Product Review: ReBody Hunger Chews

In a perfect world I would tell you that I reviewed a new product that helped me lose lots of weight. That didn't exactly happen.

I signed up to review some products, including ReBody Hunger Chews, and I agreed to write a little about them here. 

The good news is, this happened around the first of the year when I was recommitting, like millions of other people, to more regular exercising and cleaning up my diet.  While I put less attention on my own health around the busy holiday times, I had gained a few pounds.  Then, I started getting back to my pre-holiday size around the time I was taking these hunger chews. Was there a cause and effect?  I don't really know.

The ReBody Hunger Chews are made from Satiereal Saffron Extract and are supposed to help curb cravings.  They taste great in mandarin orange and use natural flavoring.  Their relatively short ingredient list offers me some peace of mind, and I especially like that they don't contain artificial sweeteners.  Thanks to Naturally Savvy for the chance to try them.

*I received a free sample of ReBody chews and my opinions are my own.