Revisiting the Family Farm

Playing with the baby pigs was a normal part of my childhood on the farm.  Mom's specialty was helping birth and care for them during their first few weeks, and she trained me to assist in delivery and beyond.  I think that just like me, those little guys were happiest when they were allowed free range on their own generous patch of green.

Has your family visited a farm lately?  It's still one of our favorite outings as a family event, and also as a topic for features stories here on the blog.

We've talked turkey, petted goats in a mountain hollow, admired grass-fed beef, and even found some rare water buffalo in the middle of Arkansas.

I was thrilled to get up close with hives of Russian bees, curious about hen-raising in your own backyards, and learned how Old-World farming is being preserved in the plains.

We've discovered demonstration farms in the city and in the country, and even a family farm where nothing grows directly in the ground.

Do you know of a fabulous farm that you think should visit this year?  Let us know in the comments below, or connect at