What's Your Pick for 2013?

Do you love reading feature stories, or do you want just the facts from the latest environmental science news?  Do you need time-saving short articles full of quick tips? Are you looking for more clean couponing resources?  Are you craving more book reviews on applicable topics?

It's time for you to weigh in on what you want to see at FlourSackMama.com.  Please have your say in the short poll at the top of the blog page.  It's been a blessing to meet a wide range of people and cover topics that matter to our everyday lives, while the blog has been steadily growing in readership over the past couple of years.

Please help us focus on what you want to read more of, what you want to share with your friends, and what you might be missing from other media sources.  One of Flour Sack Mama's goals is to be more interactive this year, and your input on this poll will help.  If you want to see something that's not covered in the poll, please suggest it in the comments below this post.