East Tennessee Family Focused Businesses

The past weekend's parenting expo was a great opportunity to connect with some family focused businesses and efforts in Tennessee.  We wanted to share them here with you.
Were you aware that the Knoxville area now has an old fashioned cloth diaper service?  Years ago, parents depended on this service; and it's back for the parents and babies using today's fancier pants.  Owners Christi Deason and Brandy French offer the service at EcoTykes.net.
Helping Hands Childcare is located in the busy West Knoxville business area.  Owners and staff Chris Middlebrook, Kate Robinson and Courtney Russell were on hand at the expo to tell parents about the new place for babies and preschoolers.
If you're breathing easier now that you don't have to be around secondhand smoke in restaurants and other public places, you have Tennessee Anti-Tobacco Advocacy to thank.  While the state has finally cleared the air in many public places, efforts to educate about secondhand smoking dangers in the home and elsewhere continue.  The Tennessee educational effort reminds us that we can help prevent lung problems, ear infections and severe asthma in children by protecting them from secondhand smoke.
The Picky Chick Consignment sale has gained a solid reputation as the fun sale at the Knoxville Expo Center with top quality children's clothes and not-so-long lines.  Founder Beth Dishner has been reminding parents that the next Picky Chick sale is March 7 through 9.

Next time...what dozens of parents at the parenting expo were saying about their consumer rights!