Fun Personalities at the Parenting Expo!

Colorful balloon sculptures invited families inside, where kids could play, parents could chat, and vendors were as varied as colors in the rainbow.  I'll admit it, I ventured inside the B97.5 Parenting Expo looking to rub elbows with some big personalities...
Diamond was charming in person as one of the star mascots for the Tennessee Smokies baseball team!
I was impressed by the graciousness of KC Beaver as he gave out hugs and represented the Knoxville Zoo! Neither one of these stars let their egos get in the way of connecting with fans.
In my heart of hearts I had hoped for a photo with B97.5's Buzzbee of radio station fame.  When I finally caught up with Buzzbee, apparently the bee the children's play area.
Next time, meet some of the great folks who had family focused things to share at the expo.  And later, what drives me and other Tennessee parents to call for a safer future.