Trying Kid-Friendly Yogurt Blends

She asks for a special treat.  I hesitate.  She smiles.  I give in.

No, it's not a piece of fruit or carrot sticks this time.

Yes, it's my pick for her over a whole grocery shelf full of junk foods with ingredients I can't pronounce.  I wish even yogurt had less sugar content, although some of that comes from the milk itself.

Today, she gets French Vanilla Stonyfield Blends, because the other moms had already cleaned the fruit flavors off the grocery shelf!  Thanks to Stonyfield for the coupon to sample this.  We're looking forward to trying the other ten flavors.

We're giving away a mini-tote that holds some coupons to let you sample Blends and more organic goodness for free.

You can enter Stonyfield's Taste the Love for the chance to win a whole year's worth of yogurt, too!

I tell her she doesn't have to eat the whole cup, she can share it with me.  She smiles and gobbles the last bite.