Stonyfield Blends Yo-Getters Tasting Party

What do you do with ten of something?

Build a tower, of course!

Ten different flavors of NEW Stonyfield Blends were too much to devour, but we tried tasting each of them anyway. After-school time turned into a tasting party with the kids.

Stonyfield's individual yogurts are a top pick at our house because they offer nearly a third of the day's calcium requirement, include five live active probiotic cultures, and use only organic ingredients.  While they do contain some sugar, about half of that is found naturally in the milk and fruit, while the rest is pure, non-GMO cane sugar.  Blends are even certified gluten-free.
Blends are all mild, kid-friendly flavors with the fruit blended smoothly into the yogurt.  The range of flavors offers a little of everything.

My school-aged daughter with finicky tastes these days chose her favorite flavors in this order:  strawberry banana, lemon, French vanilla and peach.
I thought the Blends concept worked best with the strawberry banana and French vanilla flavors myself.  Both taste like creamy pudding.  On the other hand, my daughter and I didn't like the raspberry and blackberry flavors as well in Blends as we do in other Stonyfield products where you have more distinct fruit on the bottom.

My preschooler happily helped us taste several flavors, from lemon to peach mango to blueberry.  In the end she mixed her sample spoonfuls all together.  And when I implored her to share the name of her favorite Stonyfield flavor, she insisted it was the new flavor she created, which she called "Rainbow Good for Good."  

There you have it:  Stonyfield Blends...taste great separately or all mixed up in your bowl!  Thanks to Stonyfield for sending us the delicious gift of yogurt for my little #Yo-Getters to sample.  You can go clean   couponing for Blends coupons and enter for free yogurt giveaways at

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