Just Being Social

"Social media stuff?  Nah, I don't do that."  I used to say the same thing.  Then I started blogging.  Like many of you, I discovered the power of good that can happen when we're able to connect in ways we never thought possible.  Of course, we produce quality content here, even exclusive content you won't find anywhere else.  We also connect via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other emerging social media.  Maybe you're letting me know about the latest story you think we should cover at FlourSackMama.com.  Maybe we're letting you know about a new series coming up, like our family fun education series from Missouri Botanical Garden:

Maybe I'm having a hard day and your message is just the encouragement I needed.  And I hope we can encourage you once in a while.  Here are a few examples from Twitter:  

When Team ENERGY STAR bloggers use their collective power for good, the blogosphere lights up with all sorts of good ideas!

We're always learning from one another.
It's fun to share news, information and inspiration via social media from all sorts of places!  I humbly appreciate the times when you share my content by linking and attributing to FlourSackMama.com, as well. Thanks for being social and connecting with FlourSackMama.com in all of these ways:  

I'm also looking forward to connecting with other bloggers when I attend the Type-A Parent Conference this fall.  I want to hear about your hopes and concerns and what you think about "Carrying on Grandma's best traditions; improving on what we know better."  I'm thrilled to be volunteering at the conference one day and attending all the rest.  If you're thinking about going and you connect via my affiliate link button, I might earn extra perks toward the conference.  Thank you.

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