Housing Hour Radio Show Updates Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Movement

You have a shopping list a mile long, little time to fill it, and no advanced degree in chemistry? Good luck knowing whether the household products you purchase are safe.  That's the quandary most of us are in when we go shopping these days.  The hosts at The Housing Hour understand.  That's why they've invited me back to update you on what's happening with the nationwide movement called Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.
FlourSackMama.com's Anne Brock, NewsTalk 98.7 Producer Landon Doane
The Housing Hour Co-Host Mark Griffith, Housing Hour Host Kevin Rhea
Join us at 8 am this Saturday morning in East Tennessee on NewsTalk 98.7.  If you're not in Tennessee, you can still listen to podcasts on The Housing Hour's website.

The Housing Hour with Kevin Rhea is seeking an authentic approach to match its slogan, "It's more than your home...it's your life."  In past weeks, the radio program on NewsTalk 98.7 has featured experts and tips on everything from home energy efficiency to fire prevention and identity theft.  Rhea and Co-Host Mark Griffith, both representing Mortgage Investors Group, also discuss the latest in home purchasing, financing and ownership topics on their weekly show.

Here's the link to SCHF's Mind the Store effort I discuss on the radio program.

Next week, they're having me back to talk about a Greener Back-to-School!

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