Winner Picked for Smart Bottoms Organic Cotton Diaper Giveaway

Congratulations to Karen M. for being randomly selected as the winner of an organic cotton, made-in-the USA Smart Bottoms cloth diaper!  This was a very popular contest at  Thanks to parents Christy and Geoff Malone for teaching me about Smart Bottoms and sharing this fun giveway with one of our blog readers!

Malone shared, "We started cloth diapering with our second daughter and we had a hard time finding a diaper that really worked for her.  She developed really severe rashes with a lot of the other diapers that were lined with polyester.  So we needed an organic cotton diaper.  We really wanted something made in the US, and we couldn't find one, so we decided to made our own."

If you're just switching to Smart Bottoms, you'll note they require several rounds of washing before they're ready for maximum absorbancy, so be sure to read the instructions.

The Malones sent me home with the cutest little size-adjustable diaper in a color that makes me think of Tennessee Vol orange! Isn't that adorable?

Encourage EcoFab50 participant Smart Bottoms to keep making great products for babies in the USA by "liking" their Facebook page and following them on Twitter -- and tell them Flour Sack Mama sent you! 

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